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New Logic Leads hires Focal Point Strategies to launch new Banking and Finance Division

New Logic Leads hires Focal Point Strategies to launch new Banking and Finance Division

Brooklyn, NY – December 8, 2010 – David Catton, CEO of New Logic Leads has recently announced the hiring of Focal Point Strategies to spearhead their new finance division. 

“After working with Focal Point Strategies and their senior management over the past few years in our other departments we have decided to bring them in to lead our campaign in offering  our services to the financial community,” Catton said. 

Steve Zeitchik, CEO of Focal Point Strategies added, “with the swings in the economy financial institutions are now, more than ever, looking for strong partners and relationships to expand their client base.  New Logic has the ability and experience to offer the quality relationships these institutions are seeking, offering significant ROI to their clients.”

While Focal Point Strategies has a diverse client base, many of their senior management have a strong background in sales in the finance industry, offering an understanding and accurate perspective of how best to customize solutions to the clients’ needs.

“Whether it is banks seeking new commercial clients, insurance carriers looking for inbound/outbound services, or any financial company looking to solve their diverse needs, New Logic has a seamless infrastructure to offer a turnkey customized solution to their clients, with fast turnaround time,” Zeitchik added.

Catton pointed out that his company offers diverse solutions in generating new clients for their clients – whether through clients outsourcing customer service to them, or creating lead generation campaigns.  In addition, Mr. Catton pointed out that often institutions like banking clients want to get client feedback or offer new products and services to their existing client base.  “It is simply not practical or realistic for institutions to create departments to offer these services to their clients.  It is more affordable and under tighter control when bringing in experienced leaders in the field who can report to them and provide them with immediate results and feedback that they are looking for.  Consistent with the reason we brought in Focal Point Strategies to our company, we believe that it is critical that every company knows their strength and their core competencies.  By utilizing our strengths, our clients delegate the task of new client growth and maximizing the potential of the client relationship to us, while they focus on other critical tasks to further their success.  At the end of the day we are all part of the same winning team.”

Mr. Zeitchik added that while there are other companies that claim to offer similar services as New Logic, there is a clear difference in New Logic’s offering.  “When we look to take on new relationships, we want to make sure that we are offering companies that can deliver on their commitments.  New Logic has shown that they can deliver results consistently in their other divisions.  We are honored that we have been chosen to lead them in this exciting new endeavor and look forward to watching them achieve success for their new clients”.

Mr. Catton commented that “we are excited to have formalized this relationship with Focal Point Strategies, and feel confident that combining their marketing strengths and extensive relationships in multiple industries with our services and products, will result in all parties, and most importantly our clients, benefitting significantly.”

Official launch is slated for the first quarter of 2011 and New Logic is currently expanding both their domestic and offshore offices to accommodate the expected growth.  For more information please email


About the companies:

Focal Point Strategies

With a strong background in business development, sales, and fundraising, the partners of Focal Point Strategies joined together to create a proven system of successful sales and marketing.  With over 20 years of experience, the team at Focal Point Strategies possesses essential elements and resources for companies who need their quality products and services to be brought to market with the professionalism it deserves to achieve the success their clients envision.


New Logic Leads

New Logic Leads is a leading provider of Sales & Marketing services.  As a joint venture between high level executives in The USA and Dominican Republic, New Logic Leads specializes in contact center solutions with its facility in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.  NLL partners with clients to deliver effective customer service, lead generation and sales.  NLL utilizes  state of the art technology and decades of experience and expertise to “Transform Your Business”. 

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New Logic Leads hires Focal Point Strategies to launch new Banking and Finance Division

New Logic Leads has recently announced the hiring of Focal Point Strategies to spearhead their new finance division.

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