Ethically and professionally, the client always comes first. This commitment is at the heart of everything we do. It applies to how we treat you, our partner, and our prospects and clients.

Our team and network of professionals excel at generating sales. We also assist in business development, marketing, and fundraising, providing the stability and growth your company depends upon.

Helping to shape a vision and designing a plan of action is critical to your success. While we facilitate putting a plan in place, we are even more passionate about nurturing it to fruition.

Experience in business, like in all aspects of life, matters. We complement your skills and strengths with our experience. Experience the Focal Point Strategies difference, and Experience Success.


The primary objective in all services offered by our team at Focal Point Strategies is to facilitate and maximize your success.

Our success in sales and marketing in multiple industries allows you to focus on running your business and polishing your products and services while we bring it to the marketplace. If desired, we can help create a sales and marketing plan, whether it be through existing markets, or creating new applications and markets for products. We can also help establish trial roll outs for new products or beta testing for products you might want to explore to get a sense of their potential before bringing it to the larger marketplace.

The network we can help you access goes beyond the domestic US market, with additional relationships in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and throughout the world.

We are also able to help you with your pricing model, helping to calculate the best pricing points and ROI based on the offering, and the best fit for each client depending on what they bring to the table. We set up systems to track each client from the time they are a prospect, through their becoming a client, and ultimately a referral source, helping you realize the true return on the investment of each client. Each communication is documented and tracked with specific action items and projections in place to prioritize the follow through and to adjust the offering to maximize the relationship and, ultimately, profits.

Finally, when desired, we can offer introductions to potential investors – whether angel investors, VC funds, or strategic partners. We can help in each aspect of the negotiation, and determine what terms are acceptable, and (equally important) which terms are not.

Bottom Line: FPS offers a one stop solution for your sales and marketing efforts, as well as fundraising and business development planning. We understand the science behind these efforts and can apply it to help you efficiently achieve significant results.

The Top Four Selling Mistakes

A core foundation for a sales strategy in any company - regardless of whether the company is a startup or an established company. [+]

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I have had the privilege to work with FPS in several business ventures, and I am confident that you will find, as I have, their work ethic, professionalism, and honesty refreshing. In my opinion anyone who works with FPS will benefit from their expertise and generate results.

- K. Kerzner
Credit Distinction
Edison, NJ

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